Finished on the 22nd of September 1967, this little sports car was destine for the North American market. Fitted with the rare factory Laycock de Normanville overdrive, heater, packaway hood, wire wheels, and dealer optional BMC radio it was perfect for US roads.

From 2001 to 2002 this MGB underwent a rotisserie restoration at the hands of noted MG restoration specialist Mike Goodman of Mike Goodman's Sports Car Service Ltd in Van Nuys, CA. The car was stripped to its component parts, and every parts of the car was restored or replaced.

Every mechanical component including the engine, transmission, Laycock de Normanville overdrive unit, hydraulics, suspension, fuel system, cooling system, differential, and axles were inspected, tested, rebuilt or replaced with NOS or UK sourced parts. Each nut and bolt was removed and correctly plated.

The car was painted Tartan Red and fitted with a black fold down top. All new glass was installed. The interior was done in hand sewn black Connolly leather with correct red piping. The leather was hand picked and sourced from the UK, as was the correct Wilton wool carpeting. All the gauges and knobs were restored to new condition, and the original BMC radio was restored to perfect working order. To finish off the interior a very rare and beautiful period Les Leston wood steering wheel was fitted.

The electrical system was completely rebuilt and restored including the generator, voltage regulator, starter, windshield wiper motor, and overdrive electrical switches. A new wiring harness from British Wiring was installed, and each circuit checked and bullet connectors soldered just as original. Every attempt was made to keep the car period correct down to the use of original Lucas headlamps and original Champion NY9 sparkplugs.

When the car was complete it was kept primarily as a show car, and over the next decade it would go on to win multiple show. It graced the cover and interior of Classic Motorsports magazine in 2004 for the “MGB: The best sports car ever?” story.

The car comes with its original wheel jack, full tonneau cover, and complete documentation of it restoration both with receipts and photographs. This is a stellar opportunity to own an excellent restoration of what is arguably the best year of MGB, with the 5-bearing engine, highest horsepower output, classic body style, and purest chrome bumper look.

2013 San Diego British Car Day 1st Place MGB Pre 1974 ½
2011 San Diego British Car Day 2nd Place MGB Pre 1974 ½
2010 San Diego British Car Day 2nd Place MGB Pre 1974 ½
2009 San Diego British Car Day 1st Place MGB Pre 1974 ½
2007 San Diego British Car Day 1st Place MGB Pre 1974 ½

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